Jim Murray – Belgrove is ‘Liquid Gold’

Extract from Jim Murray’s WHISKY BIBLE 2016



Score chart

90 – 93.5 : Brilliant

94 – 97.5 : Superstar whiskies that give us all a reason to live (Liquid gold)

98 – 100 : Better than anything I have ever tasted


Belgrove Distillery Rye Whisky 100% Rye Aged 3 Years in an ex-Overeem French oak (port) cask.

Bottled 22 June 2015

Belgrove score 94.5 = LIQUID GOLD

Nose 23.5 / 25   No doubting the grain of choice: bristles with a rigid determination. Perhaps a little nougat in the mix from the cut, but my word…that rye…!!!

Taste 24.5/25   That is just one fantastic delivery. Perhaps the most concentrated rye arrival I have tasted for a couple of years from any part of the world. Just so sharp, almost three dimensional. On one hand crisp and jagged, as the best rye whiskeys should be, but also a more oily, softer, less fruity version underneath; brittle dark sugars at every turn.

Finish 23/25   Takes some time for those light nougaty feints to eat through. Until then, the rye and accompanying sugars – now joined by some biting spices – continue their remarkable show…

Balance 23.5   What a memorable rye. The grain leads on both nose and delivery in the same way Watson leads with his pads. 61% ABV no chill filtration.

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