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Rye whisky takes off on fish and chip oil
By Flint Duxfield from Hobart , TAS

Thursday, 23/09/2010

You’ve heard of making water into wine, but what about making whisky using old fish and chip oil? That’s a challenge one Tasmanian farmer has taken up by building Australia’s first biodiesel-powered rye whisky still.

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Tasting notes – Nicks Wine Merchants – Melbourne

Belgrove Distillery White Rye New Spirit (11-5-2011 Distillation)

Crystal clear, silvery, slightly glycerous appearance. Initial nosings are captivating, fruity at first, then turning sweet gherkin-like. Aeration brings forward  sweet, crusty rye bread top note along with roast chestnut and a hint of toffee apple. A very inviting new make nose.

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Belgrove Distillery

Belgrove Distillery is the only Rye Distillery in Australia. Located North of Hobart, Belgrove Distillery is the only bio-diesel powered still in the world.

Where to find us
3121 Midland Highway,
Kempton 7030

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